Ohana Home


While not all of Ohana Beginnings' moms will need housing, some may. Perhaps one of the most vulnerable populations is a pregnant mother.  


Ohana home is separate from our residential living center. Ohana home is a place where she can live with her baby (and children under the age of 6) it is an education center that offers therapeutic support. In other words, we are educationally founded and therapeutically supported. We believe education is key to healing. 


While at Ohana Home, the majority of her time will be spent taking care of her baby/children, working on her education, nd planning and preparing for her future career. However, some moms will also take the opportunity to paricipate in the Ohana work program and apply for a job on our campus. 


Other Activities at Ohana Home: 


While at Ohana Home, there are also other opportunities she can participate in such as: 


  • Talent development
  • Community education projects
  • Service projects that give back to the community
  • Library weekly
  • Playtime at the park
  • Semi-annual outings: Zoo, Aquarium, others
  • Hiking, camping
  • Equine experiences
  • Field trips 
  • Etc. 

Looking to Volunteer?

Kind volunteers are the lifeblood of Ohana Beginnings. If you're interested in becoming a volunteer, consider visiting our volunteer page for more information!