Welcome to Ohana Beginnings

Ohana Beginnings is a comprehensive program that supports our mission of supporting mothers with an unplanned pregnancy and strengthening families. If a young woman is pregnant or single parenting and needs help, we are here for her.


Pregnant woman



Our seven centers are inclusive of: 


  • Residential Treatment Center (currently available): This center provides education, therapy, shelter/housing, food, and clothing for expecting mothers or parenting single women, women who have been trafficked, experienced homelessness, or who are otherwise in need of residential treatment services. Women will get treatment she needs to overcome depression/anxiety, addiction, suicidal ideation, self-harm, and other mental and emotional struggles.
  • Adoption Center (currently available): Provides a legal, ethical and safe adoption process with vetted agencies. The mother is given a mentor and provided with support during pregnancy and in the years following placement of her baby.
  • Pregnanacy Help Center (currently available): Women facing an unexpected pregnancy receive resources and tools to help support them during their pregnancy. Starting with an evaluation is reviewed to determine the services that are needed for that individual mother. A Life-Plan is created and set in motion to help her gain access into the life she dreams of for her and her baby. Additional services include: family planning counseling, family education, access to birth control, pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, and much more.
  • Ohana Home: a place where young moms can stay and work on their educational and career pathways, while also receiving therapeutic support and learning parenting skills. Most of our residents will also have access to a job to begin gaining the needed skills to support themselves in the future. 
  • Education Center: Offers access and opportunity for the mother (and the father of the baby) to graduate high school, create a post-secondary education pathway (often with scholarships), and allows her to persue viable career options.
  • Family Therapy Center: For individuals, couples and families in need of healing from past traumas or any mental health needs.
  • Early Childhood Development Center: Babies and children from Ohana Home can develop a plethora a social, emotional and educational skills. The center helps them to feel safe, loved, and cared for while their mother's are prepareing for their future. This center is provided as a service to Ohana Home moms, but is also open to the public until it reaches capacity. 


In addition to our 7 centers, we also have our  Volunteer Center for anyone wanting to help! 


Coming soon - Ohana Dads! 


The Vision

Ohana Beginnings overreaching mission is about helping women with an unplanned pregnancy to gain hope, vision, personal growth, and lifelong learning. It is an opportunity for families to pull together and to be strengthened, and for pregnant young women to rise from victim to survivor to a thriving member of the community as both a mother and a contributor.