Welcome to Ohana Beginnings 

Ohana Beginnings is a comprehensive program that supports our mission of strengthening families, supporting mothers and saving babies. If a young woman is pregnant or single parenting and needs help, we are here for her

Our seven centers are inclusive of: a Residential Treatment Center for pregnant and parenting, single moms struggling with addiction, or other mental health issues; an Education Center that builds a resume and self-esteem while providing a pathway into post-secondary educational opportunities and access to career options; an Adoption Center that gives support during pregnancy and in the years following placement of her baby; a Family Therapy Center for individuals, couples and families in need of healing-inclusive of post abortion healing; a Women's Clinic  that provides family planning counseling, family education, birth control, cancer screenings, pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, and much more; a Volunteer Center for anyone wanting to help! 

Lastly, a Pregnancy Resource Center  where an evaluation is reviewed to determine the services that are needed for that individual mother. A Life-Plan is created and set in motion to help her gain access into the life she dreams of for her and her baby. 

The Vision

Ohana Beginnings overreaching mission is about gaining vision, personal growth, and lifelong learning. It is an opportunity for families to pull together and to be strengthened, and for pregnant young women to rise from victim to survivor and thriving member of the community as both a mother and a contributor. Ohana Beginnings is based on some founding principles: 

  • Family is a fundamental building block of strong communities and nations;
  • You save a mom; you save generations; 
  • Spirituality or a higher power and family are essential elements to intrinsic motivation which develops self-esteem and gives rise to our integrity - regardless of the size or structure of the family; 
  • Physical health, nutrition, and fitness are all critical aspects of being able to serve one's self and others; 
  • Education and lifelong learning are not only related to employment, but to one's ability to protect our families and our freedom. It is power: power to succeed in literally every aspect of life and education is the ultimate fuel for personal and spiritual growth; 
  • A principal-based life gives meaning and clarity to our purpose for existing; 
  • Social skills, inclusive of global awareness, brings the light of joy to those purposes of existing; 
  • Financial literacy and responsibility are requirements for security and success irrespective of the size of income; understanding that income is not needed for happiness, but for substance; 
  • Mental health is woven into every previously mentioned particle of life. A healthy mind and paradigm of life is the beginning of the creation of how we see ourselves as human beings and how we see, treat, feel, and think about others around us;
  • Everyone needs to feel loved, wanted, needed and valued.

Ohana Beginnings believes that when families struggle, communities struggle, but healing of both the family and the community can happen. 

Ohana also recognizes that 4/10 babies are born to single women in our country. Over 80% of welfare cases are to single mothers or began as such. These families need support, opportunity and access to education, and sustaining employment. 

When a woman is faced with an unplanned pregnancy, she has several options: adoption, single-parenthood, marriage, or an abortion. Ohana Beginnings is an openly pro-life organization; so our counseling is offered from a pro-life perspective. The ultimate choice is up to the young woman. Once the choice is made, residency at Ohana Beginnings' residential  treatment center is available to those who choose to continue their pregnancy, as it is a home for pregnant women between the ages of 14-24. Other services are available to all members of the community. 

We also offer therapeutic healing for those who have made the choice to have an abortion so that those women too can get the compassionate support that they will need and deserve.