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Our Mission: Strengthening families, supporting mothers, and saving babies.

Ohana Beginnings will meet this challenging mission through 7 centers. We created these to address the comprehensive and complex issues facing families, and struggling single moms.

The seven centers are inclusive of:

  • A Residential Treatment Center for pregnant and parenting single moms struggling with addiction or other mental health issues.
  • An Education Center that builds both a resume and self-esteem.
  • An Adoption Center that gives support during and in the years following placement of her baby.
  • A Family Therapy Center for individuals, couples and family healing-inclusive of post abortion healing.
  • An Early Childhood Development Center that offers child care for our clients and the community.
  • A Volunteer Center for anyone wanting to help.
  • A Pregnancy Help Center for those facing an unplanned pregnancy; will provide family planning services inclusive of birth control, counseling, cancer screenings, ultrasounds.



In the United States of America, 4 out of 10 babies are born to single moms.



The child's heart beats at 21 days. It is audible at 8-10 weeks gestation.



Only 50% of teen mothers earn a diploma by age 22.



Percentage of elective abortions that can be prevented. We are here to help!

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