Our Name

The name "Ohana" was selected for its reverent and inclusive meaning of "family". While it can describe a traditional family of mother, father, and children, it is also far reaching to include extended family, adopted children, and close friends. This beautiful word allows families of all types, sizes, and structure to be a part of Ohana Beginnings, by definition. 

At Ohana Beginnings, we are family. Every one shares in the healing, learning, and growing process. Ohana Beginnings is comprehensive in its approach. It encompasses goals and activities to promote continual progression in reaching to one's higher power, the development of the family unit, physical fitness, social skills, global awareness, patriotism, financial empowerment, post-secondary educational pathways and goals, leadership, career choice and development, and strong mental and emotional health. "Empowerment through faith, family, freedom, education, work and vision."