Pregnancy Help Center - Opening 2023

The Pregnancy Help Center (PHC) supports women facing an unplanned pregnancy or those who have been trafficked by offering pathways to a successful future. Ohana offers 3 pathways: single parenting, marriage, or adoption. It is your choice - you choose, we support your choice. The PHC also assesses personal situations and evaluates what services the individual may need. 

Ohana Beginnings offers 7 basic services:

  • Pregnancy Help Center (PHC)
  • Residential Treatment/Shelter Care (RTC)
  • Academic Learning Center (ALC - services through post-secondary)
  • Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC - 6 weeks to 6 years)
  • Family Therapy Center (FTC)
  • Adoption Support Center (ASC)
  • Volunteer Mentor Program

Some participants may need one more service, some may need them all - a licensed clinical social worker will assist you through the process of determining which services are needed and wanted. We offer hope and a way for you to succeed!

The PHC will also provide:

  • Pregnancy testing
  • Assistance in acquiring health insurance and/or a medical provider
  • Birth control 
  • Single parent support
  • Birthing options
  • Family planning
  • Referrals for therapy and/or medical needs
  • Education about reproductive health and post birth needs
  • and a unique, personal pathway for your success

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at 801-441-0557 or