Additional Programs

Parenting Program

Our parenting program is developed and tailored to the individual needs of the mother. Over 90 courses, with more being created every day, can be acquired to create the perfect program for each participant – based on their individual needs. Our participants, with the assistance of our Program Director, select the courses that best fit their needs and goals. Our program is specifically designed to meet the unique challenges of each and every individual that participates in the Ohana Beginnings Program.

Community Outreach

Weekly presentations, based on community needs, are arranged by participants and are offered to the public as a service to the local community. Some sample topics might be:

  • Taking care of a special needs baby
  • Self-reliance
  • SMART goals
  • Connection with children
  • Emotional regulation
  • Financial responsibility
  • Time management
  • Breast feeding
  • What to expect from your toddlers
  • Ages and stages of development
  • Dozens more

Monthly service projects for the homeless, service men and women, community churches, the under-served, etc. are also a part of the Ohana Beginnings program. More community outreach information will follow. 

"Taking Flight"

In addition to therapy, state core requirements for the educationally entitled students, and vocational/college training, Ohana has its own preparatory curriculum called "Taking Flight". 

The seven areas of the program include: 

  • Family and spirituality
  • Life-long learning
  • Health and wellness
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Mental/emotional regulation
  • Social/cultural awareness
  • Service/mentoring

These seven areas of life are instilled into their mind as they prepare for discharge by mentoring another young mother as their final step to taking flight! The goal is to reach beyond being a survivor and even a thriver to becoming a contributing member of society. Transition to safe, productive, successful, and independent living is the ultimate goal.