Education Center - Opening 2023

The primary mission of Ohana Beginnings is to empower women through education. Our mission reads: "Ohana Beginnings educates and empowers women facing an unplanned pregnancy or who have been trafficked. We focus on education, emotional/physical healing, and the pathways that will lead her to her ultimate vision of happiness and success."

Ohana Beginnings provides a comprehensive education program. This program provides access to high school graduation, career goals, and post-secondary education opportunities. Education is an integral part of the mission and this emphasis is to assure that the participant is prepared to enter the workforce with needed skills. Education is stability, awareness and power. It is a critical part for a prosperous future in our society.

Knowing that if a young woman gets pregnant while in high school, she only has a 50% chance of graduation high school by the time she is twenty-two years old.   

High School Graduation:

Graduating from high school is a primary step in reaching academic success. Ohana Beginnings will help design education plans that include:

  • High school graduation pathway
  • Career interest inventories
  • Career pathways
  • Post-secondary education opportunities

The program provides state approved and nationally accredited curriculum programs, on-site educators, and tutors.

Ohana Beginnings offers additional support through Individual Education Programs (IEP's) and 504 plans.

Post-Secondary Education / Vocation Rehab.

Ohana will assist you with college and university applications, access to vocational rehabilitation, college tours, job fairs, and other programs that offer licensing/certification in specific fields where you may have an interest. Our goal is to find opportunities that are available to match your abilities and are within a reasonable proximity to the program or can be accessed online. Scholarships and internships are researched and offered wherever they can be found.